Built in 1960 Batesville Airport (previously Hillenbrand Airport) opened as a private corporate landing strip for Hillenbrand Industries. The original runway began as a 3,500 foot strip. In 1983 hangers were added and the strip lengthened to 4,750 feet and wide and to 100 feet. Finally in 1997 the runway was extended to its present length of 5,950 feet.

The airport was purchased in late 2012 by Charles (Shorty) Whittington and his son John. They quickly put this privately owned and ran airport on a track set for public use. Changes began, the runway environment was improved to meet required safe and clearway zones. In the spring of 2014 additional land was cleared and leveled to make room for new corporate and T-hangers. The fuel farm was then improved to meet commercial standards. A general aviation ramp was added to provide tie-down and overnight parking.

Leading up to Batesville becoming open for public use the terminal was renovated to make way for the new FBO, including a pilot lounge, slumber room, gallery and weather briefing room, WIFI was added as well as three meeting rooms, a large conference room and office space. Batesville is open for business and ready to cater to all your corporate and personal use.


Our Leadership

  • Jacob Schutte
    Born and raised in Batesville Indiana, Jacob Shutte is not only a graduate of Indiana State University, but a member of the local fire department, and holds a solid training record. He has his commercial multi-engine pilot's certificate.  Jacob proudly serves as Line Service/ Facilities, and is motivated to further his flight career through Batesville Aviation Services...
  • Charles (Shorty) Whittington
    Charles (Shorty) Whittington has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. Growing up in the heart of an agricultural community in Indiana, he naturally developed an agri-business career.  The diversity of farming, grain elevator operations and the need he saw for specialized transportation, prompted Shorty to establish Grammer...
  • John S. Whittington
    John S. Whittington grew up near Columbus Indiana.  He is an entrepreneur and is actively involved in many of his start-up ventures and partnerships.  These ventures include businesses in the fields of transportation, renewable fuels and real estate. Mr. Whittington is Vice-president of Grammer Industries, in Grammer, IN.  Grammer specializes...
  • Jana Selke
    Jana Selke, FBO Manager at Batesville Aviation Services, was born and raised in Batesville, Indiana. Mrs. Selke works closely with the airports elite clientele as well as with Franklin County. Most recently she was nominated to sit on the County Re-development Board. Mrs. Selke has had a long successful career...